Centerville Web Design’s Manifesto

ladderI keep a post-it note by my computer with the following quote: “Thinking is the hardest work there is, which is probably the reason why so few engage in it.” Henry Ford said that, and he wasn’t kidding. When I’m facing a difficult project, I stall, find distractions and do anything I can to avoid the job at hand. When I read that post-it, it reminds me that all I need to do is think. Thinking is how every problem since the dawn of man has gotten solved, and it’s how we’re going to get your web site built!

I believe a great web site conveys information and the spirit of a business. Here’s my web design manifesto. I promise to put it to work when I build your site:

1. I build simple sites.

A great web site is one where the creators have identified the information its customers want, then placed that information in an easy and accessible place. The harder your web site is to read and understand, the faster users will click away from your site.

2. I build honest sites.

Some web designs want to portray their clients’ businesses as something they’re not. They want to make every company look like a gigantic “professional” corporation when they’re really a mom-and-pop organization running out of a basement. I believe people want honesty; not a faceless corporation.

3. I build responsive sites.

When I do my job, my sites look good no matter what device you’re accessing them from. Phones, tablets and laptops should all get equal billing in the design process.

4. I don’t over-promise.

If you’re asking me to build a site that’s outside of my expertise, I’ll let you know, and I’ll recommend another company that might be able to help.

5. I work fast.

I make money when I deliver a finished product. That means one of my primary goals is getting you a final product as fast as possible. Most of the sites I build for clients go live within three weeks of our initial contact. The faster the better!


Centerville Web Design does web design in Dayton, Centerville, Kettering, Oakwood, Bellbrook and surrounding areas. Here are our specific specialties:

  • Web design
  • Logo design
  • User Experience (UX)
  • Technical Documentation
  • Online Marketing
  • Blogging