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Business Card Design & Printing, contact us for pricing
(1,000 double-sided cards)

•  Good business card design speaks louder than words.
•  Receive two drafts of your business card and work with us to sharpen your final selection.
•  Free images for your business card design if needed.
•  Business cards are printed on thick, 14 pt. card stock with the option of gloss with UV coating, uncoated or matte finish.
•  Receive the final graphic business card file so you can print the cards on your own in the future (or print with us at a reduced rate).

Note: We've got dozens of other business card printing options available. Pricing may differ. Please contact us for more information.

FAQs on Logo Design
at Centerville Web Design

How do you design business cards for clients?

Business card design relies on your input as much as it does on ours. We schedule a phone or face-to-face consultation with every client, so that we can work out the details of your business card. Shortly after, we'll put together five rough drafts of your business card design. If you'd like, we'll post them online so that your friends and family can vote on their favorite. Then, we'll sharpen your final selection -- taking your feedback as we go -- so that we produce and print a high-quality business card that meets all of your expectations.

What do you recommend I include in my business card design?

Standard fare that should show up on every business card design includes your business name, your address, your Web site, your phone number and an email address. Other, optional items are images and logos. We've also found that including a coupon on the back of your business card design can be an extremely powerful marketing tool.

Why do I need a professional to design my business card?

Business cards aren't just for looks; they're meant to keep and generate future business for your company. You can ensure your card has the maximum effect on it's audience by making it readable and memorable. But, more importantly, having a professionally-designed card can separate your company from competitors in your industry.

How long will it take me to design and print my business card?

The business card design phase requires approximately three business days, at which point we'll post your cards on our Web site so that you can select your favorite. After you've made your final selection, please allow another two days for editing, if necessary, and an additional seven days business card printing and shipping. In some cases, we may be able to hand-deliver your business card ourselves.

What makes a good business card design?

Here at Centerville Web Design we're firm believers in taking alternative routes toward getting the attention of potential clients. If you're not reaching them, your company's not staying vibrant. In honor of that, we'd like to point out some particularly powerful business card designs that inpsire our work today:

A business card that folds into a miniature map (advertising a map company's services).

A fabric business card for a company that makes clothing.

A 3D business card that advertises chairmaking services.


OK. You've sold me on your business card design services. How can I contact you?

Feel free to call us at (937) 396-7074, email us at, or visit our contact page to use our contact form. We'd love to set up a face-to-face meeting in the Dayton, Cincinnati or Columbus areas.

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